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MT-Gas Consulting Kft. is basically the same age as the Hungarian energy market. Since that moment Hungarian customers can freely choose their natural gas and electricity suppliers. However, leaving the comfortable area of public utility is not only an opportunity, it's also a duty. The ever-changing content of services often means new tasks for the customers.

Since it became a matter for the customers our company joined the game on the customers side, where the incomes get split along the energy supply chain. Our mission is to prove the customers their rightful interest during procedure of the splitting, and we hope we will be able to grant the customer remarkable financial value with our help.

It is not our goal to mystify the energy supply and service. We only state that with a smart valuation that takes account of the customers' special features and the complex offers we can spare a major amount of money for our customers. If the contract is done and signed we will not abandon our partners. Our nonstop dispatcher service proves the customers representation towards the suppliers. We also grant the customer to carry out the duties prescribed in the contract and to do the guesswork of the next day's probable use with innovative, up to date information system. Our dispatcher service also supports the customers with the procedure of settlement and its validation.

We are not future tellers, but can spot trends, we can identify the changes of the legal and market circumstances quite specified, we can also estimate the influence of these changes for both the market and the status of our customers'. We can show You the business opportunities hiding behind these changes, we identify the risks and the adequate solutions. The world changes, since 2015. there are some ultimate changes in the conditions of the energy supply, for which we have to start preparing right now.

Our purpose is to grant the deliberate/conscious customers all the opportunities that can prove them any financial value in terms of energy supply. There is no taboo, with our help the customer can use the infrastructural system, become an active part of the balancing market, get access to the energy stock-market, optimize their gas supply and on the way they can make several contracts to create the best supply-mix for themselves. That is what we offer to help with.

We are proud of being able to provide financial value for our customers. The professionals of our company maneuver the ways of energy supply, system use, and the model like and practical question of energy market swiftly and wisely. Our information is always up to date, we know both the legal and the business environment well. In fact we know everybody on the market, we have a great relationship with traders, system operators, consultants and authorities. The mutual human and professional respect is what typifies our relationship with our partners. We can provide the comfort of perspicacity for our partners.

We hope to see You soon on our website or even personally. We would be grateful if You shared your opinion with us, You can find our e-mail adresses under contacts.

Yours sincerely

Rezső Buday