Rezső Buday

Buday Rezső

Majored and graduated in electrical engineering on the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest. Since 1969 he is working in the gas- and oil industry, at first he works for the oil industry newscast, working on the building of the current telemetric and telecommunication systems of the Hungarian high pressure natural gas transportation system, later he leads the telecommunication and control engineering as the head of section. Since 1978 he leads the investments of GOV (Gáz és Olajszállító Vállalat - Natural gas and Crude Oil Transportation Company), under his direction the following–but are not limited to-  have come to life the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, the Brotherhood Pipeline, Compressor station in Beregdaróc, Supervisor system of high pressure natural gas transportation system (OTR). Since 1984 he is the engineering deputy CEO of the GOV the predecessor in title of FGSZ Zrt. Since 1993 he is the manager of the MOL Telekom which handles the telecommunications work of MOL Rt. In 2002 he founded MT-GAS Consulting Kft-t and is its manager up to this day.

Rezső Buday - curriculum vitae

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Electrical engineer 1969
Economic engineer 1983

Manager MT-GAS Consulting Kft 2002
Manager Pantel Technocom Kft 2001-2002
Telecommunications Manager MOL Rt 1992-2001
Engineering deputy CEO Gáz és Olajszállító Vállalat 1984-1992, (GOV - Natural gas and Crude Oil Transportation Company)
Investment Department Director Gáz és Olajszállító Vállalat 1984-1992, (GOV -Natural gas and Crude Oil Transportation Company)
Telecommunications Department Director Gáz és Olajszállító Vállalat 1984-1992, (GOV - Natural gas and Crude Oil Transportation Company)
Telecommunications Department Director assistant Kőolajvezeték Vállalat 1972-1974
Plant engineer Kőolajvezeték Vállalat 1972-1974
Development engineer Telefongyár 1967-1969 (Telephone Factory)

History of our company

The owners have founded the MT-Gas Consulting Kft in 2002.

In 2005. the company have taken part in the remodeling of informatical systems of mostly distributor and gas supplier companies- to be in accordance with the new legal circumstances.

Since 2005. our company is helping major customers to join the competitive market.

In the course of supporting these companies, we organize the customers' energy supply widely taking account of the customers' specific features, optimizing their system usage and capacity management with up to date methods and good trading competence.

For some customers there is a 24/7 dispatcher service that represents the customers, creating their daily routine, working out and constantly providing the guesswork of the customers' consumption, the measuring- and the measure management duties, and also the supervision of settlement by the distributor and trader companies. Represents the customers in technological or settlement arguments in connection with measurement matters. We solve excess charge complaints successfully.

About all of the above mentioned and the savings gained by the activities of the company the customers get a (mostly monthly and for the whole period stated in the contract) controlling report, made and handed in to inform them. 

In 2010 the company designed the energy procurement and system usage model of a balancing group for gas customers with multi delivery points or group of customers which can provide additive savings.

The company made thorough preparation to professionally support the customers with their autonomous system usage, to perform the task.

Our company has taken part in the consulting procedure about the new systemuse starting in 2015., additionally we made major effort to make these changes the least shocking and the most beneficial for our customers.